Artist : Maisie Peters

Alice comment: ‘used to, faded now’:

‘I know that I’m talking too much,
And I’ll get nowhere tryna do it at once,
But oh my God, I wanna be someone.’

  • Stay Young


Alice comment: ‘Feel like this all the time’:

‘And you try, and you try, and you’re trying.
But the burden is heavy and overgrown,
And God knows that we all get tired.
It’s a long night when you do it on your own.

And I,

I hate how you talk to yourself,
It’s not weak if you need to be held.
So cut off a little slack and roll all your cavalry back,
My love, take care of yourself.

Call your friends, send your ego away, no
Don’t need to take it all so seriously,
You don’t get a medal for the last one awake’

  • Take Care of Yourself

Alice comment: ‘You know who you are’:

‘Who gave it all, and held you up,
When nobody else gave a fuck?
Who bailed you out?
That was all me.

Who was your biggest fan, and oldest friend?
Your steady hand you traded in,
But still stuck around?
Well that was all me.

But this is on you.
It’s your bed babe, it’s your funeral.
This is on you.

Did my best babe, and you threw it all..
Did all I could do..
And you need me now but I’m clocking out.
So this is on you.
This is on you.’

  • This is on you.