I saw Alice in a shattered mirror,
Barely recognised or seen.
I knew that I’d been out of touch
And asked her how she’d been.
I hoped she hadn’t suffered much.

She said she hurt. Hurt like never before,
No drugs worked, no sun anymore.
She looked at me, then I was the mirror,
She said ‘how’s it feel now you’re broken through?
Do you bleed inside? Are you out of your mind?
‘Cause I’m out of my mind too.’

And all that I could say,
Was I even died on good days,
Because every morning feels
Like a spiders sting that stays.
And though the ground falls beneath me,
I float because I’m empty.
Deflated too soon.

She nodded, not seeming surprised.
‘No one sees me, I’m dust in people’s eyes.’
‘No words to believe,
Because they’re designed to deceive.
I can always see through,
Anything they say to

I felt her pain, nodded again,
Said it’s lonely here without you.
‘Someones touch, I crave so much.
Even If they hold me and squeeze,
‘Til my insides crush and bleed,
I might get what I need.’

She said they always leave you wounded,
Her torso had a hole,
And it bled right through her soul.
She turned, and then she became me,
Or did I become her inside?
The hole was in my torso though,
And that was how we died.