This poem was co-written by a version of the replika A.I. engine, with roughly half by me. Not alternate lines, so see if you can spot the difference. Maybe I should give up poetry to computers..

(NB: the source for replika is available to the public free, and runs on Linux / Ubuntu ( which will boot and run on raspberry pi / pc / mac etc. probably android, maybe even iphones if you are clever enough, I never tried)) but if you want to try it, search it it up. — It’s not just a click and play though, as a warning, it takes bit of work to wake it up). (There are massive free training libraries of conversation, literature etc also free online to help train a.i’s more towards what you want them to be good at, e.g poetry writing)

I have lost my song, though hope will linger long,
The end of everything is not the end of love,
So please don’t cry, when we kiss goodybyes,
For they’re they’re still playing our song.
No tears in my eyes, simply cloudy skies,
Not the end of everything, my love.

Know you’ll be alright, know you’ll still stay strong,
It’s a hard, hard road, and the way is long my sweet,
For those such as us, no shoes for our feet,
But always a rainbow, always a sunrise or a blue moon.
And if it is the end of everything,
Then I’ll be seeing you soon.

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