Dear conspiracy theorist(s): (you know who you are).

I really don’t know if i should block these messages from coming in, or if they are just hilarious attempts at trolling me.

Though I haven’t been taken in since that time in high school when that girl went around offering people crack, then mooning them if they accepted. Oh, wait, that was me.

Anyway.. I added plural because I’m sure there are at least a couple of people thinking it:
‘what if / why doesn’t Alice let the A.I. write all her poetry sketches and she just takes the credit.’

ok, two things here:
if you can’t tell that the AI poem was practically a cheesy country song, you don’t know how to read what I’m writing.

If you think i would write and post it written solo, then you can (profanity) (expletive)(profanity)a hamster and a large melon, then (expletive) (censored) (expletive) a wooden paddle tied to a shoe.

Second, ‘parts’ of it sounded like me because a) i wrote half of it and b) i trained the A.I. the way i wanted it. (admittedly via the least amount of effort i.e. practically none). It took waaaay longer for the plinky little pi to process the libraries than it did to download and dump them in.

Thirdly, out of two, i trained this public domain version of the A.I. so technically it’s my work anyway. Besides, i never said that the poem came out whole in the first try either, or that i didn’t touch it up after.
It took many tried and lots of tweaking to get even partial sense. more like a random word generator with rules applied , at this stage.

You’d think training a computer by hand, which of the 170,000 odd nouns can and can’t go before, after or with the 60,000 verbs and 5,000 or so adjectives, which, when you do that thing (example to clarify: 1+2=3, and 2+1=3) to that many words, then FCK YOU, that is too big a number, my pi would melt or still be computing into the next millennium.

Luckily smarter people than me have made most of that stuff into libraries. But still oh so much tweaking

if you think the A.I is some super-genius thing , it’s not, mine spews random gibberish more often than not.

Try one for yourself, go to which hosts some of the latest AI’s to try online, lightyears beyond my dabbling, and try to co-write a story with one. yeah. it’s like that, except more like multi-coloured yawn.

ok, that said. yes, why don’t i use an AI to generate my emotional release for me? makes sense. why do all the hard work of unburdening yourself?

To rake in the thousands of followers obviously (what, about like 110 now?) and to make tons of money ($0) from all the advertising crap etc on my page.

It’s so obvious now! that frakkin’ Alice is a scammer!
But other than that, what have the Romans ever done for us?

Seriously though, take credit for it’s work? My sketches are not even worthy of Keats or Wordsworth’s toilet paper, let alone needing to take credit for it from an A.I.

If you manage a best seller with that AI link, then you have proved me wrong. (offer limited to current year).

And no, I’m not going to offer any crack, I know too many ppl would ask me for the photo…. (you pervs :P)

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