That time has come again. To decide whether or not to renew my site. Sure, I could not pay the $80 something and let the domain go, move away from wordpress to somewhere cheaper…

But I’m a fairly paranoid person, (but I’ve seen it happen), that someone takes that opportunity to snatch up the domain, and exploit..whatever…that some may think because it’s under my name are my words.

Plus, although i only have 117 followers, which seems kind of ludicrous compared to those writers with thousands, you are still the 117 followers here, and I would feel a loss if I moved away and lost you.

But..I’m not travelling very well, i don’t feel i have anything to say, not even my usual whinging. Paying that much for a site where i end up only posting 5 posts for the year seems kind of pointless.

So…..[enters period of deep contemplation].

Feel free to comment if you feel you have something useful to contribute….