3 thoughts on “This world.

  1. I see you.
    You who have no clue
    Of how to deal with the ache
    That’s turned your smiles fake

    I hear you
    You who can’t seem to get through
    The nights that you try to not cry
    As you constantly ask yourself why

    I feel you
    You, who is fighting the darkness
    Gradually seeping into your soul
    Slowly turning your heart to coal

    I’ve been you
    You who’s tired of this cold world
    I hope today you believe my word
    Keep holding on there’s a reward

    I was you
    I tell you; the light will come.
    And It will envelope you like peace

    … Just keep holding on


    1. Where did she go?
      The waif. The innocent one?
      With constant quips and rhyming couplets
      Concepts you all may know.
      Where did she go?
      Perhaps these lines lay witness
      To inevitable demise.
      Perhaps she was only a mask on a facade
      Trying to try to fit to the world far too hard.
      She acted too well, too conceiveable,
      That she was ok, she was fine. Deceivable.
      Her persona became a little too believeable.
      And for a while, this was nothing wrong,
      But then it went on and on for far too long.
      Now everyone she knows aint buying
      The tears of blood and pain she’s crying.
      No one really understands,
      That she stands

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