I want to move somewhere super cliché
Like Paris, NewYork or even L.A.
I want to find someone, so we can be together,
You know what they saying about “being alone forever”.
Actually what DO they say about being alone forever?

I hope it’s something positive,
I hope it’s something clever.

I doubt it’s a saying about sunshine and fun,
Cos if you live where I live, you grow to hate the light.
Seems like it should be great but it’s far too hot, for one,
So you you live like I live, you learn to love the night.

Because too much sun just burns you up,
But I still try to go out again,
I never learn my lesson, so
I’ve always got third degree pain.

Here comes the night, little darlin’,
Here comes the night…
And I say..

..it’s alright.