My mind.
My thoughts.
My words. (for the most part)

Demanded release. Escaped onto page.

It is what it is.

Note: Please do not follow my blog. The option is only there due to one of many WordPress flaws. Like as much as you want. Just don’t follow.

While I can’t stop you from following, I can keep removing you as a follower. This however, is a pain in my ass.

Please respect my wishes, or I will respect them for you. Thanks.

Thankyou to everyone for not following like I asked ( with one notable exception, you know who you are ). I’m only barely holding it together at the moment, and there’s a thing.. in my head.. about followers…anyway …I appreciate your support. 💕🥰

Site content (C)opyright AliceDarkFae. (where applicable).

Alice is currently in Hospital.

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