my mind.

my thoughts.

my words. (for the most part)

demanded release. escaped onto page.

it is what it is.

in case you missed it the first time

please DON’T FOLLOW MY BLOG thanks

 the option is only there due to one of many wordpress flaws.

 like as much as you want. just don’t follow.

while I can’t stop you from following, I can keep removing you as a follower. this however, is a pain in my ass.

please respect my wishes, or I will respect them for you. thanks

thankyou to everyone for not following like I asked ( with one notable exception, you know who you are ).

 i’m only barely holding it together at the moment, and there’s currently an issue with followers …anyway 

…i appreciate your support. 

site content (c)opyright alicedarkfae. (where applicable).

i am still in hospital suffering major side effects from an allergic reaction to the pfizer  covid vaccine (kidney death anyone?) . 

because that’s just how awesomely lucky i am.

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