Just like that,
Lost amongst the names,
Labels, and designations,
Unable to tell which parts
Of herself were herself,
She snapped her pencil in two.
And like the pencil,
Broke in half her sanity,
Emotions, and
Ability to care.


Been left out with the trash,
But what else could I do?
I’m filled with the hate
I keep getting from you.

You keep disregarding and
Discarding my dreams,
Yet you’re still blind that
I’m torn at the seams.

You fill me with waste,
Don’t even know what you’ve done.
And the more you force in,
The less I become.

Now it’s so toxic,
Everything that you do,
You can’t even see
You’ve made me toxic too.

So I’m here with the waste,
Nothing else I can do,
I’m so full inside, but
I’m so empty too.