Once went walking

Once, as but a small child can,
I went walking with my Gran,
Ancient then to youthful eyes,
Considered also, beyond wise,
Told me stories and wonderful lies.

‘Whence come all the flowers Gran?’
Picking handfuls as I ran.
‘They pop up where the raindrops fall,
Little drops, that’s why they’re small,
Such as gets more, grows more tall.’

“Then from whence the rain doth fall?
I spun around to see it all.
‘Whenever man is cruel to man,
The Angels fill a watering can
With tears in which they all shall cry,
Once full, they pour it from the sky,
Thus comes the rain.’

‘Can I not have such a can of my own?’
Wishing to see such flowers grown.
‘I hope not my dear, not any time soon,
Not ‘fore the grass grows over the moon.’
Tears a’plenty, broken hearts have bled,
Without need of the Angels Shed.

“Is there really such grass on the moon?
And are we visiting any time soon?
“Not you and I, so high in the sky,
But the grass is well into bloom,
With a wink of her eye, she pointed up high.
‘That’s why cows jump up with a spoon.’

Love Hurts: Ch.1-Severus. ( A DarkAlice fiction)(prose)

Chapter 1: Severus

‘Pity, Severus’, said Alice with authority, ‘is far worse than hate or fear.
It’s the one thing that possesses the true potential to actually kill you.’
Severus started back at her, eyes wide.
Alice leaned toward him confidingly, causing him to wriggle uncomfortably.
‘All that other stuff hurts for a while, don’t get me wrong. But pity? Pity runs you through like a sword, and it’s a wound that never fully heals. That shit right there Sev’? It will fuck you up well hard.’

She looked down at the gurgling baby in the black stroller. His..mother, (she presumed), had parked him next to Alice, who was sitting on a bench outside the store, with a negligent air of ‘here, mind this’, without really looking at Alice very closely. She had simply assumed that a smallish girl reading a book.. an ‘actual paper book’, on a public bench must be fairly harmless.

So Alice had kept an eye on him, despite having formed an instant dislike of his mother, dubbing him ‘Severus’ after the character ‘Snape’ in the Harry Potter books, and set about instilling in him all the advice she felt Snape would have eventually gotten around to giving to Harry, had he been given the opportunity of more than one ‘final speech’.
But we all only get one, and Snape had chosen his as he had seen most fitting.

‘So, Sev’, baby..’ she smirked, laying on her favourite pun, ‘that’s about it really. Oh, and stay away from girls with…’
‘Hey, what are you doing? Get the hell away from my baby!’
Alice was leaning partly over the stroller, about to bid Baby Sev’ farewell, when his mother had returned, and getting a fresh look at Alice, who was dressed in her usual ‘day to day’ ‘up the street’ wear, a mix of conservative Cybergoth mixed with BrownCoat from Firefly, and decided she didn’t like the strange/ unusual get-up this weird girl was in, especially leaning over her child.

Alice went to push the stroller away from herself, towards the woman who was bearing down on her at full steam. ‘Don’t touch that stroller!’, the woman almost screamed, ‘or so help me, I will slap your skinny little ass into next week.’
‘Skinny little ass’, Alice mouthed silently, taking in the woman’s appearance, quickly realising from her loud commands, business styled dress and hair, as well as carrying a bit more height than the usual female, that this woman was ‘a ball buster’.

However, Alice smiled to herself, most probably the kind of ball buster that was unaware of the 3” soles adorning goth boots, and akin to a bird, that many blended layers could easily billow out, making you seem larger than you were. And when combined with an absurd sense of melodrama, which Alice had buckets of, well…

Alice succeeded in judging the timing just right. The woman had almost reached her, and started another line of, ‘I swear, I will..’

Just as she got to them, Alice stood abruptly, right in front of the woman, and with ‘juuuust’ a touch of Scottish brogue, swayed towards the woman, projecting loudly, with almost a hiss in her words , the brogue giving her voice a nice extra rich growl, ‘YOOOUUUUUUU, annd WHOOOOOOSE FUCKIN’ ARMEH?’ While giving the woman her best practised ‘evil and menacing’ stare.

The woman backed up, startled by Alice’s unexpected height and ferocity. Alice shrugged her arms, letting her layers of cloth start to flutter out and shift forward, making it look as if she was growing larger.
At this point, the woman grabbed her baby up and, at almost a run, hurried off up the street, presumably to find the police or someone, just, leaving the stroller there.

She looked up to see the shop assistant from the store that the woman had just been in, standing in the doorway of the shop watching and smiling broadly. Her smile indicated that the woman hadn’t been the easiest customer.
Alice wondered how much she had seen..
She gave the girl a wink. The girl grinned wider, before returning inside.
Alice recognised her from school. She wasn’t ever particularly very nice , but then again, she couldn’t recall her ever being particularly mean. That seemed to be the way it had been at school, hate Alice, or ignore Alice, only a rare few tried to be friends with Alice.

She scowled, as that thought essentially brought her back around to where she was warning Sev about pity.
Then , having done nothing wrong, sat back down and resumed reading.


Cast Down. (Prosaic whimsy)

Cast Down. Part 1. ( A DarkAlice Novella)

Just as Alice was beginning to grow ENTIRELY even MORE bored, the ArchAngels reappeared.

They had been gone rather a long time, Alice thought to herself.
Although to Alice, any span much greater than the time required to spin completely once around, was rather a long time.

They had waited just long enough to tell her to ‘WAIT HERE’, before vanishing, leaving her standing alone in the middle of a large and rather featureless chamber.

But now they had returned , from where-ever it was they had gone, and had taken up their previous positions behind the lecterns at the front of the room.

Or was it the back of the room?
The large ornate doors by which one entered the room were the only real decor of note, and certainly a good candidate for claiming the status of ‘front’ of the room. So perhaps…

Alice tilted her head back until she could see the doors of the chamber, a task made easier by the fact that she was sitting on the floor.
‘Waiting for Angels makes your feet terribly sore’, she had thought grumpily.

She tipped her head forward again to look at the lecterns, then back over her head to consider the doors, back and forth, again and again, until she started to grow rather dizzy.

A voice boomed from the front of the room, and startled, she fell backwards with a shriek, sprawling on the floor, legs in the air.
She thought she heard a chorus of sighs through her skirts, which were now halfway over her head.
A brief struggle ensued, and eventually, but not quite as triumphantly as she had hoped, she managed to untangle her skirts and scramble to her feet.
She was glad she had decided not to take her shoes off after all, although the hole in one of the toes had perhaps played a larger role in that decision.

She couldn’t decide which of the ArchAngels had spoken, as they all sounded the same to her. When they spoke, she couldn’t tell if was out loud like regular people, or directly into her head, which was rather rude if so. It was she eventually decided, a glass half full and a glass half empty, which made perfect sense to her, as they went hand in hand, unsure why it deserved a saying.

‘They look the same too, for all in tents and porpopises’. She thought, gazing at them.
Although what dolphins wanted with camping equipment was beyond her, as were many of the ‘sayings’ she had collected.

She supposed it had been Gabriel, his being the only Angel name she could remember, and that was as good a reason as any to label him thus.

‘Yes, your majest…er…worsh….. ahh…Sir?’ She tried to look respectful , and tried not to think of chubby little kids with wings and bows.

‘THOSE, ARE CHERUBS’, the center-most Angel spoke.

‘Sorry’, she said, not really sure she’d done anything wrong.

Was it her imagination, or did the ArchAngel sound…embarassed?

‘I didn’t mean’, she started., remembering the mental image, ‘that is, I’m sure yours is bigger than that.’
She turned red, desperately trying not to think ‘tiny winkies’. But, as when someone tells you not to think of a purple elephant, that’s the only thing you CAN think of.

The angels looked confused, and she giggled, wondering if they were reading from her jumbled mental images of purple elephants with tiny winkies, or perhaps tiny elephants with purple winkies..

After processing for a moment, Gabriel made a dismissive motion with his hand, and Alice’s head was quite clear and attentive, which she considered rather unfair, and much akin to cheating.

Gabriel continued, getting straight to the point, as one might expect.
‘THERE HAS BEEN A…MIX UP.’ He looked even more embarrassed than before, if such a thing were possible.

Alice waited, confused.


Alice blinked.


Silence, then she asked slowly, as she tried to figure it out, ‘So what does that mean’?

Gabriel shifted uneasily.
He tapped his wrist pointedly.

‘Is it because I’m a Glassian’? she asked, feeling angry. ‘You won’t let me in your stupid heaven ‘cos I’m a Glassian?’

The ArchAngels looked at her blankly.

‘A Glassian!’, she elaborated. ‘A believer in all things through The Looking Glass’.

The Angels conferred briefly, before one of them asked.


Alice screamed and stamped her foot.
‘Listen here, you Castiel wannabe!’ she said sternly, ‘My talking rabbits and infinite Tea Parties are just as real as any of your implausible teapots, purple unicorns or invisible sky daddies’.

The tone was cautionary.

‘And you know what you can do with that book? Why you can . . . .’
Gabriel gestured hastily, and the world went black.

Alice sighed, and opened her eyes.
She looked down at her blood soaked dress, and freshly healed scars.
Not having burned in Hell aside, it seemed things were worse than she had thought.

Apparently she didn’t even exist…

“Good One Alice’, she said to the air, sitting forlornly on the ground in the middle of what appeared to me some kind of meadow. She didn’t recognise her location.
‘Now, you’ve really gone and done it..’

(to be cont..)