help save a fucking life. please

Hi !

I have been posting poems and prose here for a few years now, free for all to read, in the hopes that fellow sufferers might feel less isolated, or the general public might gain even a slightly deeper insight into depression / mental illness.

I tried, not always successfully, to keep it from getting too dark, and to provide some form of humour or message.

I pay the hosting fees etc gladly, and I don’t have / have never had: advertising, or prompts for likes, shares, reposts etc.
It has always just been for people to read as they like, and hopefully take something away, changed, from before they came here.

But now I would like to ask, if you read and like any of my work, now, or over the years, please consider a donation to LifeLine, one of Australia’s primary crisis and suicide prevention hotlines / chat organisations.

Despite their size, they are still under-staffed and under-funded.
They currently average one phone call every 30 seconds.
Their online chat staff have to chat with 4-5 people simultaneously to keep up with the numbers, and the wait time for online chat, even for highest risk rated, (from experience), is avg. 40-50 minutes before someone can respond.

If you have some spare change, or some not-spare change, and liked (or hated) or didn’t even read any of my work, please donate it to these guys and help save some lives.

And yes, happy? I’m one of those hypocritical bitches that has to have their sister suicide a month earlier before they post something like this, but there it is. Maybe if I’d posted something like this a year ago she’d still be alive… maybe. Maybe. Maybe this, maybe that. The fucking maybe’s and should haves could kill me if I wasn’t already dead inside.

Just fucking donate. please

Thanks, Xx , Alice.

To ensure your donation reaches the proper place, and not some dodgy re-directed link, please only use the donation link at the top of their official website:

Even if you don’t share this page or any poems, but share links, please share the shit out of that website link, on facebook or twitter, or whatever your poison may be, along with the request to please donate.

P.S. For long-term readers who respected my request not to follow / subscribe, thank you for giving me the space I needed. 💕

Due to..many.. changed circumstances, I am now inviting / allowing anyone who wishes to rejoin, or join, to do so if they desire, the ban is lifted.

I appreciate the consideration you have shown.
Xx Alice.